How Google My Business Is Changing Local Search

GMB Or Google My Business Matters For Your Site More Than You Know

Let’s be clear, Google runs the Internet. Everyone knows that, and business owners everywhere do everything they can to get included in priority search engine rankings. Have you heard of Google My Business? Small business owners especially need a heads up here about GMB as it is otherwise known. What are the advantages that Google My Business provides to site owners?

One of the big benefits is that GMB is a cost effective way to get your business name out there to prospective customers. The listing on Google My Business is free, and that’s not always the case with other lesser known registries that actually charge you. Whether or not you take the other directories up on their listings or not, you certainly don’t want to leave GMB off the list. To get the most power out of your GMB listing, contact a reputable digital marketing agency.

Google provides potential customers with all the information that they need to know when it comes to finding the right businesses. You’re talking about hours of operation, contact numbers, directions and more. Plus, review ratings are also included as well as other pertinent information.

GMB isn’t just the best solution for an online business directory, but it’s a great go-to option for those just starting out. Site owners need to know that Google should be their first stop when it comes to submitting information for online directories. Not only do you get better visibility when it comes to searches on Google, but you also are going to get better visibility on Google Maps.

How to Rank in Google Maps

You have a much better chance of showing up in what’s called the local 3-pack when it comes to search engine results. The only results that are going to show above the 3-pack are the Adwords results, which are a result of pay per click advertising. You have to pay to play when it comes to Adwords, but you certainly don’t have to pay anything in order to take advantage of the benefits of your Google My Business profile and listing.

You have to do more than just create or claim your GMB listing and profile. It needs to be optimized for two big reasons. First, you need the information provided to show up prominently in search engine results. Second, you need that information to grab the attention of customers who see the results. You have to cater to the search engines and your customers.

Much of the information you provide will work to handle both objectives at once. Now it’s time to claim your GMB listing, and then you can work on optimizing it from there. Make it a priority so that your company shows up in those three listings when people search keywords related to finding businesses in your city.

Stay on the lookout for GMB updates so that you can make changes to your profile when necessary. This is a listing that you want to keep track of because it can pay dividends. Keep in mind how Google is catering to small local businesses, and you want to get your piece of the pie.