4 Most Important Google Ranking Factors You Should Not Ignore

Every content developer and SEO specialist’ dream is to see his/her website ranked on the first page of Google search results. However, only a handful of these people make a real dent in the popularity of the website.

Here are top 4 factors that affect your website’s ranking on Google.

  • Page Load Speed :-  The speed with which your webpage loads is a very important ranking factor. It is obvious that the website will load faster on a super fast broadband connection. However, you cannot consider this data to be valid for testing. You need to test your website at the connection speed that is commonly available in your target demographical area to design the page accordingly.

Ideally, the back-end web developer and the UX designer for the website should work in sync to find the perfect balance between quality of media content and the page load speed.Most of the big SEO Companies hire best SEO Company In India for Improve website speed and UX design. In  Very high-quality images slow down the load speed significantly, and very low-quality images can make the website look and feel cheap.

  • Accessibility and Readability of the Content:- A decade ago, you could have gotten away with keyword stuffing in your content and scored a good ranking on Google. However, over the years the algorithm for the Google search has changed a lot. It also takes the readability as well as accessibility of the content into account now.

Instead of writing long and chunky paragraphs, it is advisable to stick with short and crisp content that adds real value to the user experience. You can also use a list or a bullet point format for your content with plenty of subheadings to gauge the attention of the users who wish to skim through the content quickly.

  • Keyword Density and Quality:- The use of keywords is undoubtedly one of the most important page ranking factor for Google. At the end of the day, Google is a keyword-based search engine. Therefore, you need to use the right keywords as well as maintain a good density of them to attract new visitors to the website. However, never try to stuff the keywords at the expense of the readability of the content or Google can lash out at you and place you at very low rankings.
  • Population of Backlinks :- Every SEO specialist knows the importance backlinks. As a web or a content developer, you need to put useful content on your website to get backlinks from reliable sources. If your website has a lot of backlinks, Google considers it to be a reliable source of information and places you at the top of the chain.


You should never buy backlinks from a third-party carrier since it is a violation of policy and Google will be forced to place you at a low ranking.

If you are looking for ways to get good rankings, you need to follow multiple strategic and quantifiable techniques to make a significant impact on the Google’s search results.

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