Local SEO – Does blogging help?

Blogging is a difficult term to define and is often misunderstood. Most people relate the term to a specific website that is aimed at a person sharing personal or other information in a blog format. However, as a marketing technique, blogging has a slightly different meaning.

Most often it refers to adding new, short format content to a business website on a regular basis. This type of blogging is often to promote products or services or to inform an existing client base as well as new visitors to the website regarding events, special offers or any other concept where blogging would benefit the business.

Blogging has, therefore, become a very important marketing technique that is often integrated into a larger digital strategy and involves search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of improving a search engine ranking on a results page by employing a range of different integrated techniques.

Content addition, including blogging, is one of the fundamental techniques of search engine optimization (SEO). But how effective is this technique, especially when focusing a marketing strategy on location via local SEO marketing?

First, it is important to understand a little about how search engines evaluate a website in order to rank it on a results page. Basically, a search engine algorithm sends out spiders that crawl the web pages on the internet and return to the database in order to index these pages according to the relevance of the information that they contain. Information on what indexing can be read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_indexing.

Blogging adds new content on a regular basis to the website to allow the website to be crawled and indexed on a regular basis. Remember that indexing is according to relevance so it is very important to ensure that the information provided in a blog post is relevant to the product, service or other function of the website.

In order to crawl the internet, the spiders use links as their highway to find and reach new destinations. Without links, blog content may not be crawled and indexed effectively and efficiently. Once again, it is important to ensure that all links are relevant and preferably to and from a source that is considered an authority on a specific subject or already has a high search engine ranking. Adding links to blog content is essential.

Blog content can also be added to some external sites and linked back as long as the content is original and not copied or plagiarized. In other words, the exact same blog post cannot exist in two places on the internet for optimal search engine optimization success.

The keyword should not be used too often in a blog post. Talk to Search Paladin SEO about the best approach to good keyword ratios. As blogs are normally short in nature (about 300 to 500 words) just once or twice in the body should be sufficient. If a keyword is overused, it will result in penalties that will lower a search engine ranking. A keyword should always contain the location of the business in order to market it locally but should be used in a way that will not detract from the flow and meaning of the blog post.To ensure that content is indexed according to the relevance that the business wants to place on the blog, keywords or phrases are essential. Keywords should be similar to the search criteria entered by internet users when searching for products or services related to the website. A keyword should optimally be contained in the title as well as the body of the article.

Another marketing tool that is used to promote a business locally is to add the website, contact information and a short description of the business to a local directory service provider. These local directories normally provide the ability to link directly to the website as well as blog posts. Information should be updated regularly in the directory in order to keep it relevant.

The main reason that blogging and SEO are so important to improve a search engine is the way in which internet users utilize a search engine results page. Few people ever scroll past the first few entries never mind to a second or third page. Also, users are more likely to search locally making it is even more important to include a location in blogging.

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