Righting the wrongs of what tech world says about seo marketing

Do they understand SEO marketing

Unknowingly, there is a problem with the perception by tech world about seo marketing. Many marketers do not know the first rule on marketing.

Digital marketers, who we thought were smart and cynical and should always know better, have fallen into the echo of misinterpretations and being carried away by buzzwords.

Back in time, precisely in 2000, the word “inbound marketing” was coined and popularized by HubSpot. A quick Google search will tell you HubSpot is a company that sells inbound marketing software (no brainer to piece it up together). As fate would have it, HubSpot has been fighting back bad publicity staged by its one time employee, Dan Lyons.

According to Lyons, the company’s quick and rising popularity at the time was based on the popularity of the term “inbound marketing” rather than the product the company was marketing. Hell of a marketing wrong that demands to be corrected!

The tech world wrongs on marketing and making them right

  • Totally forgetting marketing basics: not more than a decade ago, digital marketers “invaded” the conventional marketing filed. These were technical people with nothing like marketing education. For them it was all about algorithms, innovation of new terms and process automation. That is when buzzwords became more popular than actual products. That is the wrong.
  • Operating separate online marketing and traditional marketing teams: according to the tech word, online advertising is the real deal. Any other form of sales is merely “marketing”. That is wrong. A marketer, whether online or offline, should use the best practices to achieve success. There should not be two marketing teams but rather a unified team with individuals that go full circle. For instance, a marketer should be able to approach and sale to a direct client as well spread the word on Facebook and get actual results.
  • Not exploring alternatives to direct marketing: tech guys are excellent with marketing algorithms and analytics. But they are not always creative, are they? They always think of direct marketing thus forgetting to be brand point men. But don’t we know what made Apple the most valuable brand the world over? It was the print adverts with the magcial words “Think different” and the TV commercials such as “1984”.
  • Forgetting to remain skeptical always: a marketer should be the most difficult person you can sale to. But even they can get bamboozled. The tech world has led marketers to let go the skeptical pedal and the results for that are obvious. It is time to put back on the skeptical gear. If someone tells you “this is the future of marketing” do not swim with the current; ask for evidence.

And now to the right, it is time to get back to the marketing basics. Marketers should get back to direct marketing basics, creating publicity and old ways of advertising. That mix is the core to marketing and will forever be evergreen.

It is time to get back to the marketing basics. Yes the world has changed, hell yes consumers have changed but the old marketing ways will always be golden.

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